Cast & Crew


Mark Stone  

A twenty-year veteran of deep space service, Mark Stone doesn’t think of himself as anything special. He never thought he would be a captain. The Deimos is, in fact, his first command. Stone is a complicated man, one of deep feelings. He cherishes his crew as he realized long ago that his shipmates help keep him sane in space. Because of this, Stone does not tolerate conflict between his crew.

A master of his emotions, yet he is looking for love in space and regards himself as an interstellar lover. He feels that love cannot be limited to a specific type or race.

But if you threaten the Federation or his crew, he will open fire photon torpedoes up your backside.

Commanding Officer
Played by: Tony Anderson
Wolfgang "The Grey Wolf" Klawitter  
Commander Wolfgang "The Wolf" Klawitter is an extremely seasoned space veteran, a survivor of the Battle of the Three Suns. During the battle, Tactical Officer Klawitter was unable to turn the Klingon ambush into a Federation victory. But he was able to provide evidence of the Klingon sneak attack on the Romulan colony. For this, he has earned the respect of the Romulans, and the hatred of the Klingons.
Klawitter has had command before. As Captain of the Chickamauga, he led his task force into holding the line against an incursion from the forces of the Orion-led Barrier Alliance. Unfortunately, Starfleet felt that his response to the incursion was excessive. He was relieved of command, and assigned a desk at Starbase 211. When Captain Harlan of the Deimos perished on Nekkar Three, consideration was given to Klawitter for its captaincy. Instead, Commodore Sedeni give the captaincy to Jeremy Quinn and put Klawitter in place as his executive officer in the hope that the senior officer could impart his tactical genius to the younger man.
Whether or not he's successful remains to be seen....

Jim Brucke is an actor from Birmingham, Alabama. He has been featured in films such as, "Cobb", "Last Call", "World Traveler", "Under The Sidewalk Moon", and others. He also works as an engineer, and graduated from Jacksonville State.
Tactical Officer
Played by: Jim Brucke
Maura Drake  
Commander Maura M. Drake, Certified Surgeon and CMO. Skilled with Starfleet laser scalpels, and a fantastic diagnostician for Internal Medicine. She is also a gifted Research and Developmental Scientist for practical medical and surgical applications. Drake has over 15 years experience in Starfleet, from her first assignment at Starbase 119's surgery facilities as Assistant Medical Officer, the USS Hope as CMO, USS Resolve as CMO, Starbase 10 Medical Research Center as Chief Medical Officer R&D, the USS Potemkin as CMO and now assigned to the Starship Deimos. Drake a Single lady, a no nonsense Medical Professional where the health of her crew is concerned. Enjoys off duty time with various hobbies: singing, dance, theater, and reading a good book while lying on exotic beaches. She is a great listener and has many friends who know when they confide in her, it will go no further.
Maura completed her Medical Doctor certification in The University of Alabama's Medical Program, and Starfleet Medical Interned at Starfleet Medical two years, then proceeded to her first assignment at Starbase 119.
Graduated top of her class.
Maura's parents Mariah and Sheridan Drake are Doctors and Ambassadors for Starfleet, currently they are assigned to Ra'Lera, a warp civilization that has ask for admission into the United Federation of Planets. Maura's sister, Mera M. Drake (Sheffield) a scientist and actress currently assigned with her ambassador husband Edwin Sheffield to Risa's Embassy; Mera, runs a theater on Risa, in the Mountainside town.

Renda Carr is also with a number of other productions, including: Singer, fan fiction writer, actor, sirector of TRCP Alliance. Voice Actor Star Trek Grissom, Star Trek Valkyrie and Ranger. Various roles which also include Decker's mother on Ranger.
Renda was singing in church and a quartet at 15 months old, carrying out harmony with a family group. As the years past, entered and won talent contests, modeling, acting in local school plays and church plays, writing and editing Star Trek fan fiction for zines, Renda costumes for charity. Renda signed on to portray Saavik for Grissom as well. She was next offered the part of the CMO for Potemkin.
Working with Star Trek fan productions is rewarding and helps continue a hobby for this Actor/Singer that began a long time ago. When Renda isn't Trekkin around the Fan Film Universe, she can be found helping out a 'Stuffed Dog' Podo, along with PR and the rest of the merry puppets and cast of Dean and Company!, a long running children's program. Renda loves College football, cats (especially Leo) and her husband Tim. Her favorite quotes: "Winning isn't everything, but it sure beats anyone who comes in second." and "Live like you were dying; live each day to its fullest potential then when you are resting eternally you will have no regrets."
Chief Medical Officer
Played by: Renda Carr
James Faron  
Parents: Father Jonathan Faron, Systems Design Engineer. Mother Vera La'Cheay Faron Singer, classical pianist, Professor of Music at Juilliard on Earth. Sibling: Aria Anne Faron Murphy. Starfleet: Mass Communications degree, Minor Military History and Command. Expert Piloting skills. Top of his graduating class in Communications deciphering. First assignment: Student Internship Starfleet Communications Network - Two years, Assistant to the Dean of Communications. Starbase 220 Assistant Communications officer and back up Stellar Cartographer, Two years. USS Denniston: Chief of Stellar Cartography, second assistant Communications Officer, One year. USS Sequoyah: Chief Communications Officer, Three years: While on the Sequoyah, he developed a system of syntax and speech dialect recognition that extended the bridge for Starfleet Officers in first contact and or Diplomacy situations, as well as greatly assisting Starfleet Department of Military Operations Information gathering. USS Valley Forge: Chief Intel Officer; Four years. The Valley Forge was charting near the neutral zone, updating star charts and revising the number of Starfleet Posts and bases in the sector. *Classified Missions dockets apply as well. Eyes Captain only.* Vulcan Embassy: Four years in the Communications/Military Diplomatic Information Corps. Starbase 215: Three years. Research department Communications, Intel procedures. Updating and revising equipment and protocols as needed. Current Assignment: Starship Deimos, Chief Communications Officer.

Timothy Carr works for a local cable company, a graduate of Lyman Ward Military Academy. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama. He is an avid photographer, and was volunteered to be in the production by his wife Renda Carr.
Communications Officer
Played by: Timothy Carr
Sian Gabriel  
Her parents were teachers in the British university system, and moved to Virginia, being employed by the University of Virginia when Dr. Gabriel was a toddler. She grew up in Charlottesville, and exhibited an early aptitude for mathematics.
Entered UVA in 2272, majoring in physics. Graduated early, in 2275. Studied subspace physics at the University of Alpha Centauri, where she obtained her master's degree in 2277. Married David Gabriel on Alpha Centauri in 2277, divorced 2280. Earned Ph.D. at the Zefram Cochrane Institute at the University in 2281.
Taught at the Cochrane Institute in the theoretical physics department until 2289. Commissioned as Starfleet reserve ensign in 2283 so she could work with the Daystrom Institute, and consulted in the so-called "Great Experiment," the Excelsior transwarp drive experiments in the mid-2280s. She won the Cochrane Award for her participation in those experiments.
She comes to Deimos as chief engineer, promoted to Lt. Commander, on Captain Chekov's recommendation. This is only her second deep space assignment.

Victoria Avalon is a longtime fan of science fiction in general and Star Trek in particular. She comes to Deimos with experience in independent filmmaking, having served as cast and camera crew for Starship Farragut, and in various film crew roles for Star Trek Continues, and ExeterTrek. In her day job, Tori is an attorney in Central Florida.
Engineering Officer
Played by: Victoria Avalon
Erik Drogo  
Eric Drogo grew up on Centaurus VII, which is a remote frontier colony supported mostly by deep core mining.   It was a rough environment with problems ranging from street gangs to the crime families that controlled everything from pick pockets to the thriving black market.  To survive in this environment, Eric had to be tough and resourceful.  Even as a young child, Erik’s nature was to be a protector and to defend his friends by standing up to the bullies and predators.  This would mean that he would frequently get into fights or find himself in trouble.  His father recognized the situation, and knew that he had to find a way to help protect his son.  He took Erik to meet a man named Sandayu Momochi, who was the head of security for the Mining concern, and taught martial arts and self defense to the company’s security teams.  He also learned to apply this discipline to his other studies.  Over the years Eric became Momochi’s top student and began to master many of the ancient warrior arts that had been handed down through Momochi’s family for generations.
As a  young man, Eric still managed to get into a bit of trouble from time to time.  After one particular incident, where Erik almost single handedly defended his friends from a street gang that was causing trouble in their community, Erik drew the attention of the local constable.  The constable saw a lot of potential in Erik and wanted to help guide him.  Erik began working with the constable and his men, and together over time, they brought down one of the major crime families of Centaurus VII.  The Constable knew that Erik Drogo  needed to get away from  Centaurus VII and recommended him for StarFleet academy.
Erik Drogo excelled at the academy and was very happy there.  He excelled at the military courses and learned about combat strategy and tactics.  He was of course the top in his class in hand to hand combat skills and was thrilled to learn  martial arts skills from  other  parts of the federation.  He also learned sniper and survival skills. After the Academy, Erik joined worked his way up to being a team leader in a Starfleet Intelligence special ops unit.  He was known for his skills at infiltration and stealth, and for his almost uncanny ability to sense danger or a trap. His team members always knew that Drogo would do anything  to protect them, even if it meant disobeying orders or standing up to his superiors.
On one mission, Erik Drogo was assigned to go undercover  to try to root out a clandestine organization that was operating within Starfleet itself.   Erik foiled an assassination attempt on a Federation Ambassador and uncovered a conspiracy that threatened Starfleet and the Federation.  Once again, Erik Drogo had made dangerous enemies, and this time it was not certain that even Starfleet could protect him.  After several attempts were made on his life, it was decided that the best thing to do was to seal his records and assign him to a ship on the far reaches of Federation space.  That is how he came to be on board the Starship Deimos.  Only the captain knows why Drogo has been assigned to him, but even he does not have access to much of Drogo’s files.
The one thing that has been constant through Drogo’s life is that the is very protective of his crew mates.  If there is ever trouble, he is the one that you want watching your back.

Lee Drew - Lee studied theatre at Jefferson State Junior college and at U.A.B., where he appeared in such productions as Romeo and Juliet, Sly Fox, Bent, and A Cry of Kings. He was a founding member of the Common Man Players community theatre group where he acted in and directed many productions. Lee later became technical director for U.A.B. Town and Gown Theatre and also for Birmingham Summerfest. in addition to his theatre background, Lee has extensive experience in Japanese martial arts and is an instructor in Bujinkan Dojo Budo. Lee looks forward to his adventures as Erik Drogo on the Starship Deimos!
Security Chief
Played by: Lee Drew
Vulcan female navigator, she was recently assigned to the Deimos at Captain Stone’s request. Quiet, reserved, and subdued. She doesn’t discuss family or her personal life in any way. Has been seen playing a Vulcan flute in the rec deck from time to time.

Played by: Sarah Tompkins
Mystique Griffin  

Helm Officer
Played by: Monique Dozier Sharpe
Xander Williams  

Tactical Officer
Played by: Lebarron Sharpe
Human female navigator from Centaurus VII, she shares the navigation station with Lieutenant T’Sahr.

Played by: Sarah Tompkins
Kestra Kitain  
A Betazoid female from the Fourth House of Betazed, she was born with her empathy/ telepathy already active with all the complications that come with that. She received intensive counseling and training to control her abilities as much as possible and cope with them being too strong to fully control. That said, they do occasionally overwhelm her resulting in bipolar-like symptoms.

She joined Starfleet Academy to train for a career that would limit the amount of people around her but progressed slower than usual to compensate for being periodically overwhelmed by the thoughts and feelings of her classmates. As a result, she is joining the crew of the Tristan as an ensign rather than a full officer.  

When off duty, she enjoys art as a hobby and keeps a sketchbook with her almost all the time. She prefers science and engineering duty but is very good with communications. She has a brother on another ship and a half-sister still on Betazed.

Bridge Officer
Played by: Cheryl Sahawneh



The Archivist  

Played by: Charlie Barber

Played by: Brittni Barger

Played by: Amanda McGaha



Jeremy Quinn  
Graduated with honors from Starfleet Academy, Sciences Division. Specialty: Warp Theory. 5-year tour as Science Officer aboard the Science Ship U.S.S. Gaspard, followed by a 5-year hitch as First Officer & Science Officer aboard the U.S.S. Saratoga. Served with current shipmates: Tichar Duras & Wolfgang Klawitter. Quinn & Duras’ two-year relationship was, as the captain put it, “the worst-kept secret in Starfleet.” After Duras’ emergency redeployment, they lost touch. After Quinn finished the final three years of the Saratoga’s mission, he “retired” and spent a decade teaching Warp Theory at the Vulcan Science Academy. Called out of “retirement” to command the U.S.S. Deimos.

Terry was born in Johnson City, Tennessee, but spent his formative years in the sprawling metropolis of Greenville, South Carolina. Obtained a Communications degree from Winthrop University & has been working pretty steadily in radio ever since. One screen appearance; "Dreadnought Dominion Episode 1: Haunted." Played the role of Lt. Commander Bryce Anders. Why be in a Star Trek fan film? "When I was a kid, my friends & I used to tromp around in the woods with little toy phasers & communicators pretending to be Captain Kirk & the crew of the Enterprise. All these years later, I get to do it again...but now the toys are MUCH cooler."
Commanding Officer
Played by: Terry Self
Tichar "Yazhi" Duras  
• Education: Protected by parents and taught at home but attended Starfleet Academy at behest of a sympathetic Organian for Federation to take back the orphan “Human” child.
• Skills: Empathic abilities, Warrior
• Phobias / Fears: Fears that the Federation will discover the true nature of her background
• Bad Habits / Vices: Seemingly Unemotional, but Hot Tempered at times; Stares at/watches people
• Quirks: OCD
• Best Qualities: Loyal, Logical, Honest
• Worst Qualities: Hot Tempered, but doesn’t speak much; Impatient
• Key Relationships: Previously romantically involved with Jeremy Quinn when they were both science officers

Tilcia Furman is a Birmingham, Alabama actress with quite a few credentials. She’s appeared in movies such as Cobb, Rustin, Hometown Legend, The Internship and Coffee Shop, as well as television shows such as The Walking Dead and Devious Maids. She joins Potemkin Pictures’ Starship Deimos series as Tichar “Yazhi” Duras, a science officer with a mysterious background.
Science Officer
Played by: Tilcia Furman




Zachariah Houston  
Zachariah Houston is the cool headed captain of the Starship Endeavor. Raised in Oklahoma, and the heir to a fortune, Zachariah learned the hard way in his youth that respect must be earned. This valuable lesson cost him an eye, and the heart of a girl he once loved. He rarely wears his bionic ocular replacement as it brings him psychosomatic pain..

Commanding Officer
Played by: Jack Zumwalt
Vella Marix  
Vella Marix is a joined Trill, and it's the first joining for Marix. Vella is highly focused on her job, but Marix is uncertain about her host. They work together in order to survive.

Executive Officer / Communications Officer
Played by: Rachel Andrews Vickery
Serrek's mother died when he was a young boy, and he was raised by his father, a respected scientist on Vulcan. He is a great admirer of Spock and his father Sarak. Serrek graduated from the Vulcan Academy with honors and was an up and coming scientist at a Vulcan observatory when his father suddenly passed away of unknown causes, which left Serrek with several questions yet to be answered.

While on a short leave of absence, he was recruited by Captain James Moriarty Pike to join Starfleet. He served aboard the USS Icarus, which was badly damaged when it was sabotaged by an Andorian crew member, later found to be a double agent. When the Icarus was being repaired, Serrek accepted a commission aboard the USS Excelsior under Captain Hikaru Sulu. He was on duty when the Klingon moon Praxis was destroyed by a subspace shock wave. 

Like most Vulcans, Serrek normally  does not exhibit his emotions, it is said that during the time of pon farr, he is more demonstrative than most of his kind under those circumstances, and considerably much more violent. It is advisable to give him a very wide berth during this time. 

Serrek takes great satisfaction in his work. His scientific mind is always seeking new knowledge and experiences. 

Science Officer
Played by: Terrell Manasco
Dhasa Nahl  
Dr. Dhasa Nahl, who holds the rank of lieutenant commander, is the chief medical officer of the Endeavour.

Chief Medical Officer
Played by: Denise Prescott
Bartlett Crowe  
Bartlett Crowe was posted to the U.S.S. Endeavour, per a request by Captain Houtson who knew his father and uncle. Crowe tries maintain an even keel in life, but is uncomfortable with the spotlight. Most at home in an engine room, with an uncanny ability to diagnose mechanical problems, even withouta superior IQ. He has little time for formalities or what he considers inefficient rules.

Chief Engineer
Played by: Mark E Holmes
Abraham Clay  

Chief Tactical Officer
Played by: Ricky Jordan
Ensign Ravusi is a Reticulan from Zeta Reticula I-A. His race may have visited Earth in the past, leading to some rather unusual reactions when first contact between Earth and Zeta Reticula I-A was made. His race "speaks" via telepathy, and they are fond of reciting poetry, often of a religious nature. Ravusi himself is over 200 years old, and joined Starfleet simply as a chance of exploring the universe. No one has ever seen Ravusi eat, leading many to speculate that his race absorbs energy from light.

Played by: Zack Vice
Ensign Hisshak is a Gorn, one of the first to actually serve in Starfleet. He is only twelve years old, the equivalent of a 22 year old Human. He graduated with honors for his skill as a pilot, and Captain Houston specifically requested him for this five-year mission. Houston likes the young man, except at dinner time. Gorn, like few other spacefaring species, prefer to eat their dinner live. Hisshak is often seemingly slow to react, however, this is a common misconception; Gorn have superior manual dexterity.

Played by: Jason Furman











Commanding Officer
Played by: Jack Zumwalt

Tactical Officer
Played by: Larry Fleming

Communications Officer
Played by: Terrell Manasco

Played by: Stevie Drew
Kalim is a young warrior under the command of Captain Kesh. He was without parents, and as Kesh was without a male heir, he initiated the R'uustai ritual, and brought Kalim into his house as he own son. Kalim was to solidify his position as the next head of the House of Kesh by marrying Nobor, Kesh's first daughter, but other circumstances arose.

Josh Kimbrough is married to Jessie Riano Kimbrough who plays Nobor the Engine Officer of the Kupok.
Played by: Josh Kimbrough
Nobor is the daughter of Captain Kesh of the IKC Kupok. She serves him and his ship with great honor. She plans to die with honor for her captain. She kills with honor for her captain. And one day, she will take great honor to be this ships next captain...after retiring him, of course. Nobor was engaged to Kalim but other circumstances arose.

Jessie Kimbrough is a former acting student at GSW State University. She is a newly married Army Wife, and a business professional. She is taking the time to enjoy this new chapter in her life.
Played by: Jessie Riano Kimbrough




Alcarinquan Warrior
Played by: Stevie Drew

Alcarinquan Wizard
Played by: Michael Hadden

Alcarinquan Warrior
Played by: Scarlet Huo

Alcarinquan Warrior
Played by: Buddy Baker
Eugene Alwine  
Eugene Alwine graduated the Academy with an advanced degree in Physics, but has proven time and time again to be more of a tactician than a scientist. He is a stickler for protocol and procedures for him and his crew. Privately, he wishes he could lighten up but just can't, he just doesn't know how. Has a tendency to surround himself with very capable if not highly driven officers.

Shelton E. Walker has starred in a few stage productions before being involved in Potemkin Pictures.

1. In Oct 2013- March 2014, He was a cast member in a Burlesque Troop as “Farmer John” and “Santa Clause”. He was generally stand-up comedy relief so the dancers could change.

2. He was a member of CAST (Community Actors Studio Theater) in Anniston Alabama.   CAST produced a version Charles Dicken's “A Christmas Carol” in Dec 2014.  His characters were 1—Blind Beggar, 2—Cooks's Boyfriend, 3—Warden , and 4—Gentelman #4; as well as being the Stage Manager

Shelton is a retired Technical Sergeant with the United States Air Force. He played Commodore Eugene Alwine in “A Gathering Storm".

Played by: Shelton E. Walker







Alec Grigory  
Captain Grigory is a seasoned space veteran, an able commander who has commanded three previous ships, one of which was shot out from beneath him by Acamarian pirates. He is a soft spoken man of Russian descent. Being commander of a Federation starship named for a historical Russian vessel is a great honor to him.

Jeffrey Green is the Chair of the Dramatic Arts Department and Artistic Director of Rylander Theater Partnership Productions. He serves as a faculty advisor and producer for Hurricane Watch, GSW-TV16 student television productions. He also is the immediate Past President of the Georgia Theater Conference, Vice Chair of Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region IV, and Chair of the Film and Television Committee for the Southeastern Theatre Conference.

A member of Actors Equity Association since 1985, he has performed in the companies of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, the Cleveland Play House, and the Riverside Shakespeare Co. in New York. His work as an actor has received positive reviews in the New York Post, the New York Tribune, the Village Voice, Back Stage Magazine and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

He was a co-founder of the Manhattan based repertory company, Actor’s Classical Troupe. Prior to his move to Georgia, he was the Director of Theatre at the University of Nebraska at Kearney and the Artistic Director of the Great Platte River Playwright’s Festival.

Although behind the camera in "The Old Guys," Jeff makes his screen debut as Captain Grigory for Project: Potemkin in "The Void." He also appears in "Delivery," "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky" and "Duty Bound." He also provides the Captain's Logs for "Miscommunication" and "Archway."

Commanding Officer
Played by: Jeffrey Green
Polim n'Ahman  
Lt. Commander Polim n'Ahman is a Rinorian from the Altais (Delta Draconis) star system. Polim (po-lim) n'Ahman (nuh-AH-mun) is a veteran with forty-years' experience in Starfleet, having served aboard a variety of starships over the decades. Despite his advanced age by Terran standards (62), he is considered a youth by his own people's reckoning. He serves as the Potemkin's executive officer, and generally is found on the alpha watch. n'Ahman has a history with the Orions going back to his time as an ensign aboard the starship Republic in 2256.


Chief Tactical Officer
Played by: E. Moore
Doreen Spampinato  
Lieutenant Doreen Spampinato is a physicist assigned to the U.S.S. Potemkin. As such, she's rarely called upon for landing party duty. But when the starship's sensors detect unusual energy readings on Gaius XI, she's called upon to help solve the mystery...

As of late, Spampinato has been serving on the bridge at the tactical station where she's gaining in confidence.

Hannah Ruiz is a theater student at Georgia Southwestern State University with a minor in graphic design. She is 20 years old and her hometown in Palmetto, Georgia. She loves acting, cooking, shopping, and she is interested in directing and writing. She is Puerto Rican and is the youngest of three. Hannah makes her film debut in "Miscommunication" and has integral parts in "Archway" and "Duty Bound."
Science Officer / Tactical Officer
Played by: Hannah Ruiz
Darrell Frazier  
Lieutenant Darrell Frazier is the youngest security chief serving in Starfleet. He graduated from Starfleet Academy at the top of his class, and was delighted when invited to serve aboard the Potemkin....

However, youth has its disadvantages, including a lack of acceptance from some aboard who doubt he's ready for such an important position. Still, to keep him on his toes, Captain Grigory has brought aboard another security officer to keep Frazier from being complacent.

Actor Richard Thornton is a student at Georgia Southwestern College in Americus (after finishing two years at Darton College in Albany, Georgia), and makes his film debut in "Miscommunication." He also appears in "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky," "The Devil in the Details" and "Duty Bound."
Chief Security Officer
Played by: Richard Thornton
Tyler Landon  
Lieutenant Tyler Landon is the right person for the right job. She's got a snarky sense of humor, and a bit of irreverence that ended up with her being transferred to the Potemkin....

She has a lot to learn, and often reacts before considering the danger of her situation.

Actress Abby Evans is a student at Darton College in Albany, Georgia, and makes her film debut in "Second Contact." She also appears in "Ashes," "Command Decision" and "Just Once."
Assistant Chief Security Officer
Played by: Abby Evans
Quentin T. Caley  
Lieutenant Quentin T. Caley is a geologist assigned to the U.S.S. Potemkin. An expert in his field, he's also familiar enough in physics, biology and botany to make him well qualified for most landing party assignments.

Lately, Quentin received a promotion to lieutenant commander and has been assigned to the bridge. Whether or not he has been appointed to chief science officer is subject to interpretation.

Bill MacKenzie is graduate of Georgia Southwestern State University with a major in Computer Science. While attending, he minored in Theater and has performed many times in various regional productions in Albany and Americus. Bill makes his Potemkin debut in "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky." Bill makes his directorial debut behind the camera in "Duty Bound."
Second Science Officer
Played by: Bill MacKenzie
Patricia Allen  
Newly assigned as chief science officer of the Potemkin, "Patty" Allen is only a recent graduate from Starfleet Academy. The Potemkin is her first deep space assignment; her previous assignment was an archaeological dig on Valoren VI where she proved herself invaluable to the captain and crew of the Essex in her discovery of a rosetta stone of sorts which allowed the translation of Valoren into Ancient Rigelian. Her assignment to the Potemkin was a reward for her outstanding field work.

In the past few months, Allen has found herself on more landing party assignments and less on the bridge. Whether or not this is the result of her tendency to question the captain's order is unknown.

Blaire Erskine is from Ellaville, Georgia, and is a theatre major studying in Atlanta, Georgia. She has been in various theatre productions, but "The Void" was her film debut. She is especially excited, as her dad is a Trekie himself!
Chief Science Officer
Played by: Blaire Erskine
A recent graduate from Starfleet Academy, the Potemkin is Ensign T'Noshi's first deep space assignment. A relative newcomer to the crew, she often finds herself on landing party assignments and occasional bridge assignments as third shift science officer...

T'Noshi is still learning on the job, and is under the tutelage of Science Officer Caley, much to the annoyance of both.

Christin Woods is an aspiring actress from Plains, Ga. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Georgia Southwestern State University. She has performed in several theatrical productions and is now local to the Atlanta area, pursuing her film career, having enjoyed working on camera for The Night The Stars Fell From The Sky so much.
Third Science Officer
Played by: Christin Woods
Sharon Mtume  
Sharon Mtume has served Starfleet with distinction for more than ten years. Presently the chief communications officer of the Potemkin, she is excited about her line of work, and while she finds it lonely out in space, she wouldn't trade her position about the Potemkin for anything.

Stephanie Burke entered the world destined for greatness about the same time Star Wars premiered. Stephanie was born to Harold Burke and Beverly W. Holmes and is a native of Bainbridge, Georgia. She is a 1995 graduate of Bainbridge High School and a 1999 graduate of Georgia Southern University in Statesboro where she earned a B.S. degree in Communication Arts (broadcasting). In May 2008, Stephanie received a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Albany State University.

Stephanie is mastering the art of multi-tasking. She is a media instructor at a local high school; she is a singer & songwriter, a radio host, and now she is pursuing acting. While at Georgia Southern, she was first bitten by the acting bug. To date, Stephanie has appeared in Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” and A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant, and a Prayer (another production by Ensler).

Stephanie appears in "The Old Guys," "The Void," "Doctor's Orders," "Delivery" and "Miscommunication."

Chief Communications Officer
Played by: Stephanie Burke
Sonaj, a young Vulcan who is currently the second communications officer of the Potemkin, usually serves on the bridge during the second shift. He finds his work satisfactory, and looks forward to eventual advancement aboard the Potemkin

Jason Ryan Wallace is a technical intern at the Rylander Theater in Americus, Georgia, where he presently resides. Jason is studying Theater Performance at Georgia Southwestern University, and is a voice actor with Pendant Productions, an actor with the Sumter Players (Americus), and has directed three theatrical productions.

Jason makes his Project: Potemkin debut in "Duty Bound."

Second Communications Officer
Played by: Jason Ryan Wallace
Elizabeth Boyette  
Beth Boyette is one of the back up communications officers for the Potemkin. She's seen her share of emergencies and excitement, but prefers the backstage of the night shift to the limelight of the first shift.

Kate Funk is a museum curator at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site in Plains, Georgia. Kate has a masters degree in Museum Studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In addition, Kate often appears on stage at Theatre Albany.

Kate graciously consented to make her first appearance in "The Night the Stars Fell from Sky."

Third Communications Officer
Played by: Kate Funk
Michael Emmett Delaney  
A heavy-gravity humanoid from the Xartheb colony, Delaney has a typically pragmatic approach to everything from first contact to ship-to-ship combat. He tends to be suspicious, especially of strangers, but fierce in defense of his friends. In addition to being the chief helmsman, Mike Delaney is the third officer of the Potemkin and occasionally gets to sit in the center seat.

Doug Harper currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Married and the father of two boys, Doug stays busy with his family and is an avid Florida State Seminole fan. He enjoys participating in various creative endeavors, but "The Void" marks his film debut. Doug also appears in "Doctor's Orders," "Archway" (which he also directed), "The Devil in the Details", "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky" and "Duty Bound".
Chief Helm Officer
Played by: Doug Harper
Ted Burroughs  
A recent cadet who graduated from the Academy and was assigned to the Potemkin. Burroughs is an average student, a touch too argumentative and strong-headed for his own good.

Dakota Dodge is a resident of Cordele, Georgia, and is a theater student at Darton State College in Albany, Georgia. He makes his debut in "Second Contact" as the fretful Cadet Ted Burroughs. His character was so enduring that he was soon asked to reprise the character as a regular helm officer to supplement episodes that for which Doug Harper can't travel to Albany from Pittsburgh. Dakota is a civic minded fellow and is working on AMOK, a Random Acts outreach plan to promote kindness in the community.
Helm Officer
Played by: Dakota Dodge
An experienced navigator is hard to come by, but the Potemkin was extremely fortunate that the Caitian M'Anna transferred aboard from the Cooper. M'Anna is a very popular junior officer; most of the crew refer to her as "M".

Kimberly Landers is a graduate of Troy University in Alabama. She has a B.S. in Marine Biology, and is presently seeking gainful employment in her field of study. For now, she's an employee of Fast Copy in Albany, Georgia, and after playing a navigator killed in the line of duty decided she wanted to continue her involvement in Project: Potemkin.
Second Navigation Officer
Played by: Kimberly Landers
Ziandra Yanari  
Yeoman Ziandra Yanari, Trill, age early-30s. Ziandra refused her family’s demands to leave Starfleet Academy for unknown reasons, which created a rift in her family. The emotional strain this created led to her failing nearly all higher level classes. Luckily she qualified (barely) for the enlisted yeoman program, and was assigned primarily to engineering. She has a reputation for being "the most unassuming, meekest, quietest yeoman" on the Potemkin.

Sara Higgins Mackenzie holds a bachelor of arts degree in Dramatic Arts from Georgia Southwestern State University. She has worked in television, live theatre, and audio drama, and is thrilled to be trying her hand at the fan film medium. She is an avid runner, a dog lover, and an amateur seamstress who works on costuming for Theatre Albany as well as Project: Potemkin.
Engineering Yeoman
Played by: Sara Higgins Mackenzie
David "Barty" Barton  
While preferring to remain in Engineering, as Potemkin's second officer, Barton often defers serving on the bridge of the starship. Quite savy and wily, he's a force to be reckoned with when his engines are in need of repair. Barton has a keen insight into the workings of the Potemkin.

William Walker has been involved in television production and lighting design for over 25 years. He has worked as the Technical Production Manager for There's Hope America, a television broadcast ministry based in Cumming, Georgia. In addition to television, he has also designed and directed lighting for theatrical performances ranging from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? to Camelot and The King and I. Although most of his work has been behind the scenes, he has had some appearances on stage or on camera, most recently as the “Cage-era” navigator for Star Trek Phase II. Project Potemkin marks his first feature role, and also features some of his visual effects animation. William resides in Cumming, Georgia, with his wife Xiaoxi and their four children. He shares a number of different interests with his family, including playing various musical instruments, tennis, baseball, and even competitive figure skating!

Bill appears in "The Old Guys," "Care for a Lift?," "The Void," "Miscommunication" (which he filmed and directed in addition to providing the VFX work), "The Engineer's New Clothes" (where he served as the second unit director as well as the VFX artist).

Chief Engineering Officer
Played by: William Walker
Andrew "Drew" Wallace  
With Chief Engineer Barton's preference to remain in Engineering, Drew Wallace has found himself thrust into the spotlight with his first bridge posting, and he's not terribly comfortable with it. Often making remarks or suggestions, he usually draws his captain's ire...and sometimes comes up with a good idea.

Chris Coleman made his advent in Louisville, Kentucky, but soon found his way down south to Georgia. He currently splits his time between his family's home in Douglas, Georgia and the fair city of Americus, where he attends Georgia Southwestern State University as a Dramatic Arts major. He has been appearing on stage since high school, but, aside from a few minor class projects, this is his first venture into the medium of film. He is overjoyed to have been offered the opportunity to make this debut in a Star Trek project, having been a devoted fan of the franchise since childhood.

Chris appears in "The Void" and "Duty Bound" as Drew Wallace. He also serves as a T'Rike Vulcan extra in "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky."

Engineering Officer
Played by: Chris Coleman
Rashid Yilmaz  
Yilmaz joined Starfleet after the Kelvan War ended in 2285. His parents were both killed by the invasion forces in the Mu Lacertae system. Despite this unfortunate background, Yilmaz endeavors to be a happy-go-lucky fellow (as well as a complete prankster) who has endeared himself to his crewmates wherever he's been assigned. But why has he never lasted more than six months on any ship?

Mario Pagan was born in Americus, Georgia. He attends Georgia Southwestern State University as a Dramatic Arts major. He has had the opportunity to be in several plays with the GSW theater program and Sumter Players. Along with acting, he has a passion for filmmaking. Project Potemkin is his first speaking role in a film.

Mario appears in "The Void," "The Engineer's New Clothes" and "The Devil in the Details" (which he also directed).

Chief Enviornmental Officer
Played by: Mario Pagan
Gordon Avery  
A newcomer to the Potemkin crew, "Gordo" Avery is a cast-off from another Federation starship where his cocksure attitude was completely unappreciated. Still Avery is quite competent in his skills; he's capable of serving at both the science station and the environmental station, and he's even more than capable of serving on a landing party as a science officer.

Ande Ross is a graduate of the prestigious Southland Academy (class of 2008). He attended Georgia Southwestern University where he studied Sociology. Hails from Richland Ga and he thoroughly enjoys being a part of such an amazing fan work. Also he loves his wonderful parents.
Science Officer / Enviornmental Officer
Played by: Ande Ross
Maura Drake  
Doctor Maura Drake, Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Potemkin, is a certified surgeon aboard the starship. Her skills with a laser scalpel are practically unmatched in Starfleet. Unfortunately, her words are often as sharp, if not sharper. She considers herself the highest authority aboard the Potemkin, and isn’t afraid to let everyone know it. Her relationship with her shipmates is strained at best, and only the captain seems to be able to placate her. She is married to C.J. Littleton.

In addition to serving as an actor with Project: Potemkin, Renda Carr is also with a number of other productions, including:

Singer, Fan fiction writer, Actor, Director of TRCP Alliance
formerly Producer, Actor, head of the Costume Department for Star Trek Lexington
Voice Actor Star Trek Grissom.

Renda was singing in Church before she could walk, carrying out harmony with a family group. As the years past, entered and won talent contests, modeling, acting in local school plays and church plays, writing and editing Star Trek fan fiction for zines, Renda costumes for charity. She met the Lexington producers at a costuming event and signed on to protray Saavik for Lexington, then Grissom came knocking and Renda signed on to protray Saavik for Grissom as well. She was next offered the part of the CMO for Potemkin.

Working with Star Trek fan productions is rewarding and helps continue a hobby for this Actor/Singer that began a long time ago. When Renda isn't Trekkin around the Fan Film Universe, she can be found helping out a 'Stuffed Dog' Podo, along with PR and the rest of the merry puppets and cast of Dean and Company!, a long running children's cable program that runs on the local cable studio on-demand channel in the Birmingham, Alabama, area.

Renda loves football, cats (especially Leo) and her husband Tim. Her favorite quotes: "Winning isn't everything, but it sure beats anyone who comes in second." and "Live like you were dying; live each day to its fullest potential then when you are resting eternally you will have no regrets."

Chief Medical Officer
Played by: Renda Carr



Ferris 'Cinco' Ramirez  
Former pilot in defense squadron 14-A-Zeta, Klingon Neutral Zone, the Fighting 14th. Ramirez has multiple commendations for valor in action and marks of excellence in flight operations. But due to the aforementioned actions during the Kelvan War of 2285, he has been taken out of flight operations and been assigned to starship duty. This is in no way intended to reflect upon his service, his character, or his career. After the events of "The Void," he was soon transferred to the Renegade for Neutral Zone patrol duty.

Name: Junius B. "Trey" Stone III
Hometown: Texarkana, TX
Current Residence: The Middle East
Current Occupation: Public Affairs NCO

Previous postings: Various assignments, mostly in broadcasting units, mostly doing radio on-air work.
Background: Junius came to terms with his full on geekittude a long time ago after seeing Star Trek Season One episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and reading the novelization of Star Wars until it fell apart. Since then, comics, games, collectibles, books, film, TV...outlets opening the window upon the world of the imagination have been a constant companion in Junius's life. He loves stories and seeks opportunities to tell his own.

Trey appears in "The Old Guys" as our chief helmsman, but has since been transferred to a tour of duty overseas.

Played by :Junius Stone
Guest Starring in "The Old Guys"
Ferris 'Cinco' Ramirez  
After serving aboard the Potemkin for twenty years, Robert Shelton has decided he wants a ground assignment. As he puts it, "it's lonely out in deep space." Shelton's request for a transfer was approved, with regrets, by Captain Grigory, and the environmental officer will be holding down a desk job aboard Starbase 211.

Ricky Thompson became one of the producers for Project: Potemkin after he read about Randy Landers' plans to produce a fan film in his home city of Albany, Georgia. Ricky helped in every phase of the construction of the main bridge set, and when it was determined that a short test film needed to be made, he was drafted into serving as the out-going environmental officer for the vignette, "The Old Guys." Once the turbolift set was created and the decision made to make another short test film to evaluate our secondary camera, Ricky returned to reprise his role of the long suffering Robert Shelton.

Played by: Ricky Thompson
Guest Starring in "The Old Guys" and "Care For a Lift?"
Brian Reigert  
Another relative newcomer aboard the Potemkin, he was transferred to the starship under protest from Captain Grigory. Reigert is a thoroughly unlikeable chap, who can never accept the blame for any of his shortcomings. Notable events include crashing the captain's favorite shuttlecraft, ordering the Potemkin out of orbit without its senior officers, and disregarding a report from engineering regarding a dilithium crystal shortage. This last event resulted in his transfer from Potemkin to third officer of the colony ship Roanoke.

Randall Landers, creator and executive producer of Project: Potemkin, serves the production as a senior script writer, camera operator, lighting technician, boom operator, director, caterer, prop master and chief cook and bottle washer. When it was determined that a test film needed to be shot for Potemkin, Randy agreed to take on the role of the despicable Reigert. When a second film was desired to test a new camera rig, Randy agreed to reprise the role.

Randy appears in "The Old Guys" and "Care for a Lift?" He can also be seen as an extra in "Doctor's Orders" and "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky."

Played by: Randall Landers
Guest Starring in "The Old Guys" and "Care For a Lift?"
Commander Kumaonna is a volatile Kh'myr Klingon with "unfortunate aggressive tendencies." She is the commander of a "wolf pack" of three Klingon battlecruisers, and has been known to execute her subordinates for the slightest affront to her sensibilities. Tangling with her and her squadron would be undesirable at best..

Blaire Erskine is from Ellaville, Georgia, and is a theatre major studying in Atlanta, Georgia. She has been in various theatre productions, but "The Void" was her film debut. She is especially excited, as her dad is a Trekie himself!

Blaire makes her debut in "The Void" playing both Potemkin Science Officer Allen and Klingon Commander Kumaonna.

Played by: Blaire Erskine
Guest Starring in "the Void"
Young Lieutenant Korg is of a high ranking Klingon family; his father serves in the Klingon council. However, his father regards Korg as perhaps too unambitious, and has put him aboard a Klingon battlecruiser under command of Commander Kumaonna. Either Korg will learn to be more ambitious, or he will be dispatched by Kumaonna like her previous science officers. Either would suit Korg's father.

Trey Cole is a resident of Albany, Georgia, and happens to be the next door neighbor of Executive Producer Randy Landers. When we needed a Klingon lieutenant, Randy didn't hesitate but to call upon this young man who has been racing go-carts since he was a youth.

Trey makes his debut in "The Void."

Played by: Trey Cole
Guest Starring in "The Void"
Jason Hunter  
Admiral Hunter, whose flagship is the U.S.S. Undaunted, is in command of the Fourth Fleet in the distant regions of the Alpha quadrant beyond the outer reaches of Klingon territory. Hunter is an old friend of Captain Grigory of the Potemkin.

Born 28 January 1964, Dave discovered Star Trek and Edgar Rice Burroughs and The Six Million Dollar Man and Adam West's Batman and Logan's Run and Ray Bradbury and Harlan Ellison and Robert A. Heinlein and girls as a young kid/teenager, and his life has never been the same.

As a writer, he's pitched to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and has written ten feature length screenplays -- he's also had a couple place high in national competitions. Currently resides in the great state of Ohio with his lady Annie.

In addition to being the Project Potemkin senior script writer and story editor, Dave appears in "The Void."

Played by: David Eversole
Guest Starring in "The Void"
Kusch is the proud owner and bartender of Kusch's Klingon Country and Western Bar located on the planet Kirstaari.

John Lenwell is a graduate of Indiana State University and a public school orchestra teacher and church music director in Newport News, Virginia, and a life-long Star Trek fan. When his three children "strongly suggested" acquiring high-speed internet service a few years ago, he discovered the wonderful world of Star Trek fan films. Since then, he has made many new friends and had a great time while making Star Trek. John was a production assistant and background crewmember in the Starship Farragut production, "For Want of a Nail" and played the Starbase 12 bartender in "Just Passing Through." He has experience as both an actor, musician, and music director in several community and school theater productions. He's excited to play a Klingon for the first time in the Project: Potemkin vignette, "Devil in the Details."

Played by: John Lenwel
Guest Starring in "Devil in the Details"
The Witch  
Of unknown origin, this sexy being makes a remarkable appearance in Kusch's Klingon Country and Western Bar.

Cassie Martin lives in Athens, Georgia, and studied Dramatic Art/Film/Communications at Georgia Southwestern State University in Americus, Georgia.

Played by: Cassie Martin
Guest Starring in "Devil in the Details"
Paral is a middle-aged Vulcan male who has taken on the mantle of leader of the T'Mek Tribe.

William C. Searcy, actor/graphic artist/playwright, is living part-time between Americus and Albany, Georgia. Currently, he is perusing a BA in theater with a minor in art at Georgia Southwestern State University. William is a stroke survivor, and would like to advise everybody to watch their blood pressure. He has directed The Foreigner, Once upon a Mattress, and Blithe Spirit for Sumter Players in Americus, Georgia. Some of his acting credits include roles in Little Shop of Horrors, Godspell, Guys and Dolls, The Imaginary Invalid, Snoopy, Deathtrap, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Crimes of the Heart, Chicago, Richard III, and Charlotte’s Web.

William's credits with Project: Potemkin include playing Paral in "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky," an innocent bystander in "Ashes," the Klingon Khomar in "The Shovel of Kahless," among others. He also volunteers as the still photographer for many of our productions.

Played by: William C. Searcy
Guest Starring in "The Night the Stars Fell From the Sky", :Ashes", and "Shovel of Kahless"
Sarat is the military leader of the T'Rike tribe.

Dennis Proulx is a graduate of the theater program at Georgia Southwestern University. Dennis continues to make appearances in various regional production, and even appears in the zombie film, Exit 101.

Played by: Dennis Proulx
Guest Starring in "The Night the Stars Fell From the Sky"
Kalv is the second in command of Sarat's forces. A man of few words but of deep feelings.

Eric Holt is presently attending Georgia Southwestern University. He is often member of local theater productions in Americus.

Eric also appears in "Beach Towel" and "The Shovel of Kahless" as Mugh, son of Khomar.

Played by: Eric Holt
Guest Starring in "The Night the Stars Fell From the Sky"
T'Hima is the wife of Paral, of the T'Mek tribe. She is the tribe's healer as well as the teacher of the T'Mek youth.


Played by: Sara Higgins-MacKenzie
Guest Starring in "The Night the Stars Fell From the Sky"
Korgoth is the bespectacled Klingon who was the owner of and a bartender at an unnamed bar at Starbase 44 on M'Lann VI that catered to Starfleet personnel, Federation citizens and non-Federation civilians (such as Gorn and other Klingons) before becoming the owner of and a door host at another, similar bar elsewhere in Federation space that caters to a similar clientele.  He is also a concierge at a hotel that may or may not be connected or related to the bar he now owns.  It is unclear how a Klingon civilian came to own and operate numerous businesses in Federation space only three years after the signing of the Khitomer Accords.

Korgoth can be both belligerent and accommodating, is fond of firing his disruptor at peculiar times, has impaired vision and has been known to occasionally sing opera.  Badly.

Eric L. Watts has been active in Star Trek fandom for 40 years.  He has served as the "Commanding Officer" (president), newsletter editor and web site administrator of the USS Republic NCC-1371, the STARFLEET International chapter in Atlanta, Georgia, since 2006, and is the founder and chairman of Treklanta, the Star Trek convention in Atlanta, which launched in 2011.  He previously served as Dragon*Con's Director of Star Trek Programming from 1993 to 2009 and is the creator, producer and host of the Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant, now hosted by Treklanta.  He is also the creator and producer of the Bjo Awards, also presented annually at Treklanta, which recognizes outstanding achievement among independent Star Trek fan films.

Prior to moving to Atlanta in 1988, Watts founded the United Federation of Trekkers in Columbia, South Carolina, in 1980 and served as president and newsletter editor for eight years.

Watts served as a production assistant for the Star Trek: New Voyages episode "World Enough and Time," starring George Takei, in 2006.  In addition to his role as Korgoth for Project: Potemkin, he played a dancing Klingon in the "We Are Klingon" music video on YouTube in 2013.  He also played roles in the Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctor fan film episode "Ouroborus" and the Star Trek: Valkyrie audio series episode "Klingon Honor," both of which will hopefully be released sometime in the future.

Played by: Eric L. Watts
Guest Starring in "Closing Time," "Ladies Night Out" and "Room Service"



Charles Richards  
"Chuck" Richards is an established space veteran from the rural areas of Georgia. He left his family without looking back as he travels among the stars. He's athletic, committed to Starfleet, and rather shy. However, he often takes command of landing parties, and his safety record is unparalleled.

Rodriquez Graper was born in the late 70's filled with gifts and talents, but is ready to travel into the unknown through acting. Rodriquez is a native of Albany, Georgia and is a 1996 graduate of Monroe High School. He is currently enrolled at Albany State University focusing on Business. He has a distinguished speaking voice, that can capture anyone's attention, but Rodriquez is also a singer! He is sometimes mistaken for artists like Barry White or Isaac Hayes because of his baritone voice. Not only does he sing, but he is a musician as well, with a trained ear to play keyboard, bass guitar, drums, acoustic guitar and wants to learn the sexy Saxophone. Rodriquez added acting to his list of talents with his debut in a production by Eve Ensler entitled A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant, and a Prayer.

Rodgriguez appears in "The Void."

Chief Security Officer
Played by: Rodriquez Graper
Lieutenant Thruul is an Andorian scientist assigned to the U.S.S. Potemkin....

His area of specialization is xenobotany. Occasionally found on the bridge as a relief bridge officer, he usually is assigned to landing parties on unexplored planets such as Gaius XI.

Thomas Walker is the son of Producer and Visual Effects Supervisor Bill Walker, and makes his film debut in "Miscommunication." Thomas appears as an extra in "The Engineer's New Clothes."
Science Officer
Played by: Thomas Walker
T'Nabi is a Vulcan who graduated with honors from the Vulcan Science Academy before enlisting in Starfleet. She is quite gifted with spatial geometry, and is recognized as one of the most promising navigators in Starfleet.

Bethany Carver is a native of Albany, Georgia. She currently attends Darton College where she is involved with the Drama program. She appears in "The Old Guys."
Navigation Officer
Played by: Bethany Carver
Rebecca Schmitt  
A long-time assistant to Admiral Hunter's staff, she has been his yeoman for nearly two decades.

Portrayed by Annie Spampinato, who somehow managed to make it through her adult life with only a passing awareness of Star Trek. This exemplary existence ended when she fell in love with Dave Eversole, Project: Potemkin's story editor. The couple was married in 2011.

Annie's appearance in "The Void" was reduced to a voice-over, but she appears again as a Vulcan ambassador in "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky."

Admiral Hunter's Personal Assistant
Played by: Annie Spampinato
Lynette Hodges  
Hodges is a relative newcomer aboard the Potemkin. Like many engineering yeoman, her primary function is to provide reports on engineering (especially antimatter and dilithium reservers) to the officer who has the conn on the bridge.

Nichole Coxwell is a friend of one of the regular cast members. When she learned that we needed an actress to play the part of the captain's yeoman, she agreed to take the role. A short time later, Nichole got married and is now residing in New York. Nichole appears in "The Old Guys."
Engineering Yeoman
Played by: Nichole Coxwell




Christian Thomas "C.T." Walker  
Captain CT Walker was born to the parents of John and Helen Walker in Huntsville, AL Earth. CT was the only child of John and Helen. He was raised on a small farm right outside of Huntsville, where he worked the fields with his father. Upon graduation from high school, CT did not want to continue life on a small farm, so he joined Starfleet because he knew there was more to life than just being in Alabama. CT graduated in the top 15 of his class, which was very remarkable considering no one in his family had ever went into anything like this. Starfleet quickly moved CT up through the ranks because of his quick thinking ability. As a Commander, CT saved the lives of a small farming community. Being raised on a farm, CT knew exactly what to do to save the lives of this farming community. Starfleet was so impressed with this that they promoted CT to Captain. In a ceremony on the colony planet, while thanking Starfleet for the promotion, Walker gave "thanks to God for the strength and knowledge of how to handle the situation." Unfortunately, the colony was established by members of the Jainists some of whom objected strongly to his remarks. Starfleet quietly reprimanded him for insensitivity, and assigned him and the Tristan to what is commonly known as "The Back Forty-ish."

Brian "Keith" Harris born July 20,1970 to John and Mary Helen in Bessemer, AL. I have spent the most part of my life doing delivery type of work. I love to go fishing when I can and doing anything else outdoors. I grew up watching the old Star Trek, did not really know what I was really watching until now. Just wish that I would have paid more attention to it. Now I've got a chance to put my own twist to it. We look forward to making this series, having fun, and entertaining our fans!
Commanding Officer
Played by: Brian "Keith" Harris

T'Noshi is a headstrong Vulcan whose perceptions of the universe have been altered by her experiences aboard the starship Potemkin. Determined to boldly follow her own path in life, she expects to experience much more hardship and conflict before she finds her inner peace.

T'Noshi is dealing with a great deal of personal calamities, including the loss of her phaser which was used to kill children on Sumaya, the death of Lieutenant Geronimo Perez which occurred while she was mindmelding with him, which happened again with the death of the Andorian T'Lok in her arms, the death of Captain Alec Grigory who had only recently stood up to both Starfleet and the Vulcans for her actions on Sumaya, and of course, the destruction of the U.S.S. Potemkin itself. She is now exploring, experimenting, and basically trying to find herself, and what her place is in the universe and aboard the U.S.S. Tristan.

Christin Woods is an aspiring actress from Plains, Georgia. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Georgia Southwestern State University. She has performed in several theatrical productions and is now local to the Atlanta area, pursuing her film career. She has enjoyed working on camera for “The Night The Stars Fell From The Sky,” “Darkness,” “Holding Pattern,” among other episodes.
Chief Science Officer
Played by: Christin Woods
Eva Privette  
Eva Privette was born on Zebulon IX, which is located near the periphery of the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way. Zebulon is inhabited by a variety of species including energetic aliens, humanoids, Humans and others. Privette has been trained to intervene between the civilized and uncivilized populace. Her primary mission aboard the Tristan is to promote peaceful relations between inhabitants of Federation colonies and other planets. To her credit, she has an extensive background in creating an atmosphere of camaraderie between colonists and Starfleet. She has handled every level of civilization, from barbarians to highly advanced lifeforms She is focused, tenacious, naturally driven and an adrenaline junkie. Although, she is technologically savvy and quite a skilled tactician, creating peace between the colonies and the Federation is her true calling.

I'm Kimberly White and I'm a wife, mom, musician and a Research Scientist. I model, judge pageants and I have been a background actor in the movies Woodlawn, Mom's Night Out, Coffee Shop and Company M - A Massacre of Soldiers. I want to be a part of a Star Trek fan film because it's like exploring the unknown to me and I want to be a part of this incredible journey.
Colonial Operations and Tactical Officer
Played by: Kimberly White
Barry Angel "B.A." Mycroft  
Considered a child genius, B.A. graduated high school at the age of 15. He went on to graduate college at 18, and earn his masters in Criminal Psychology at 20. Soon after, he was recruited by Starfleet. He started work in their Counter-Intelligence division. He served for 10 years in almost every aspect of the division. One day the was an incident, off record, and is only know to the highest level of Starfleet. B.A. was given two choices: Lifetime in prison or rejoin Starfleet from the bottom. With his level of intelligence and knowledge of thing one should not know, he could not be allowed to roam freely. For the next 8 years, he work in engineering and eventually worked up to Lt. Commander of the Tristan. He knows he will only be allowed to go so far in Starfleet, and that he is constantly under surveillance but by whom he does not know. B.A. is a man who has seen more, knows more, and is more intelligent than 95% of the people he runs into; and he is taxed to keep that to himself. He is never allowed to display his full level of knowledge, or else face severe consequences. Because of the things he has seen and done, he suffers from night terrors. B.A. Mycroft is a genius punished by his past.

My Name is Moody, and I was born and raised in Alabama. I have been a part of the local Independent film scene for many years. Two of my most notable roles are as a biker in Sonny Bargers' Dead in 5 Heartbeats; and as a ZV in the upcoming web-series Bloodtype. I wanted to be part of this fan series because it is something new, and it seemed like fun.
Played by: Moody
Audrey Johnson  
Audrey Alexia (Lexie) Johnson is from middle America, raised by her grandmother. Her parents were both Starfleet  and passed away in her early childhood. The most connection she has with them are the stories told by her grandmother and what she reads in an old  family scrap book. Her one mission in life is to make her grandmother proud and to live up to the legacy left behind by her parents. She already has her life and career planned out.  She is thoughtful, competitive, and decisive; she is willing to take any risk if she believes it for the greater good.

Alex Williams is an actress and a model hailing from the Magic City (Birmingham AL).  She can be described as a first class nerd with quirky scents of humor. Alex can't remember a time that science fiction was not a part of her life. She was first introduced to Star Trek at birth; her parents are huge fans of the shows. Growing up, Alex watched Star Trek like most children of her age group would watch cartoons. Throughout her childhood, Alex continued her love of the series and also became a heavy sciences fiction reader. Alex found the art of theater in her junior year of high school when she signup for an intro to theater class.  Throughout the rest of her high school and college career Alex participated in drama clubs and competed theater and drama competition.  To this day, Alex still loves to participate in acting class to strength her natural ability and learned acting techniques.
Played by: Alex Williams
Skep Anderson  
Dr. T'Rama and Dr. David C. Anderson met while working at The Federation Center for Disease Control in Devonshire, England. Their only child, 'Skep' was born three years later. T'Rama died shortly after giving birth to her son.  Her cause of death remains unexplained.  Skep Anderson comes from a long line of prestigious ‘Anderson’ doctors. Studying medicine at  St. Anne's, University of Devonshire, he joined Starfleet immediately after graduation. While Skep clearly has Vulcan heritage, he favors his human roots, and seems to have a strong aversion to Vulcan culture.  Being raised on Earth, he enjoys spicy food, strong drink, and loud music. Through his father’s second wife, he has a half-brother, Dr. Samuel Anderson, a genetic researcher at Starfleet Medical.

William C. Searcy graduated from Georgia Southwestern State University with a BA in theater. As a playwright, William has had two of his full-length plays, 'The Thunder Box', and 'Brother Augie' produced at GSW.  William has also written multiple scripts for Starship Tristan.  He's won 'Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form' at The Independent Star Trek - Fan Film Awards 2016, for his script, 'Moving Day'.  As an actor, William was nominated in 2012 for an Irene Ryan award for his work in Dennis Hassell's, 'Glory Man'. William works the holiday seasons at Wild Adventures; hosting a haunted attraction during Halloween, and performs a one man show, retelling the birth of Christ during the Christmas season. William has written and produced a supernatural drama entitled, 'Mr. Charles: Knave of Batons'. This mini miniseries is set to debut summer of 2017 on YouTube.

Chief Medical Officer
Played by: William C. Searcy
Branwyn "Ash" Asherah  
Branwyn Asherah was born and raised on Betazed. She is a racial mix of Betazoid (mother) and Orion (father). Being only half-Betazoid, her empathy did not surface until very recently, and she often has trouble confusing the emotions of others as her own. She has an issue with her Orion roots in the sense that she disagrees with the slavery and violence associated with Orion culture. She trained for a security position in order to protect people, and this decision has only been enhanced, as has her abilities, by her empathy. She spends any spare time training or strengthening her friendships with those she is close to, mainly T'Noshi and Mathias.

Actress Leslie Lewis studied Theatre at Darton State College. She started working with Potemkin Pictures in season 3 of Project Potemkin. She also works behind the scenes directing, editing, and with set/lighting where needed.
Security Chief
Played by: Leslie Lewis
Steven Gray  
Born in the northern part of Alabama, Dr. Gray had a tumultuous home life. Being of mixed heritage, Gray's father had strong roots connected to the Cherokee tribe. Gray's father was an avid activist for the Native Americans who again felt left out of prominence by the world government of Earth. Fleeing the constant barrage of demands from his fellow Native Americans to be relocated to another world, Gray joined Starfleet to find his own way in the universe. He was recently assigned to the Tristan from the Al Rashid which had been attacked by the Corsaireans.

Medical Officer
Played by: Greg Ogles






Alexander Wellington  
Father and grandfather both Starfleet officers. Ever since he was a young boy, he had dreams of becoming a Starfleet officer himself. Because of his extensive knowledge of transporters, he was placed as the transporter chief of the Tristan. He also knows how to greet anyone in their native language.

David Ricardo, working at party city. I was a Harry Potter lookalike during my younger years, competed in 7 contests and I won 5 of those. I graduated high school with 2 diplomas one for the normal diploma the other was with a career and technical endorsement for having more than 2 computer classes. Currently taking time off from college to get a job and then will later return to college.
Transporter Chief
Played by: David Ricardo
Dranor Loth  
Ensign Dranor Ranak Loth was born on Halka to Dranok and Ranel Loth and excelled at the studies indigenous to Halka. However, as time went on, he grew interested in the Federation which visited his planet for their dilithium crystals. Finally, he signed up for Starfleet Academy, graduated, and was placed aboard the USS Tristan. While he still finds himself facing difficulty with things like combat, he is slowly growing accustomed and beginning to enjoy the life of a Starfleet officer.

Donald Arnold is a teenager in a local High School. He has not been acting long but has decided it's what he wants to do with his life. Star Trek is one of his many passions
Played by: Donald Arnold
Edgar "Eddie" Mathias  
Native of Alpha Centauri VII, Eddie Mathias is a recent transfer from the Potemkin. He has a tendency to give one or two word answers.

Matthew Trammell is a barista at Starbucks. Originally from Albany, Georgia, he now lives in Altanta. He was the sound technician for Potemkin, and was pressed into service to be a medial officer for the Tristan.
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Played by: Matthew Trammel




Gaia Starr  
Captain Gaia Starr of the Hospital Ship Marie Curie was promoted to captain after her position of Federation Tactical Officer. Captain Starr worked hard on many missions with her previous team to make sure the galaxy was safe from all threats and received high accolades, leading to her promotion to Captain.

Lillian A. Cole is a native of Mobile, AL. and has been acting in plays since she was a child. She started pursuing film 2 years ago and has loved every minute of it. She is currently a full time actress, fitness instructor, and travel agent and loves to dance and sing in her spare time. She has a talented and smart 13 year old son, Tristan.
Played by: Lillian A. Cole
Samantha “Jack” Jackson  

First Officer / Security Chief
Played by: Veronica Bramlett
John Burrows  

Tactical Officer
Played by: Michael Hadden
Veena Hafen  

Science Officer
Played by: Staci Marshay
Robert Callahan  

Chief Engineer
Played by: Zack Vice
Aurayna Kate Arson  

Communications Officer
Played by: Elisha McCartha
Charles Jones  

Played by: Clayton Davis
Ronald McKenna  

Played by: Jakob McCartha










Associate Producer, Webmaster  

Michael’s current job with the Montgomery County Public Schools as a Media Assistant has varied in job responsibilities over the 25 years employed. Some of these responsibilities include, but are not limited to network administrator, computer repair technician, video editor, video photography, and web page design. He also taught computer animation as an after school class for students in grades 1-5. This class was also taught in the summer and was sponsored by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

Michael's other media related experience has been through the ownership of a video rental business.  This business was started in the early 1980’s, which branched out into video photography and editing videos for home use. This work included transfers of photos to videotape, running animations for clients, editing 8mm and videotape movies, and filming special events.Michael has been involved with Potemkin Pictures since 2015. He also has been involved with other film projects over the last 8 years.



Michael Day
Rick Foxx grew up watching Star Trek re-runs and making his own fan films using his dad's Super8 camera. He now runs a video production company in Phoenix, AZ, and has taught video and audio production seminars at several international videographer conferences. When not slaving away in the editing bay, Rick enjoys catching the latest Star Trek-based fan fiction, and watching Eureka, Warehouse 13, and reruns of Babylon 5, Dead Like Me, and Deep Space Nine. For more information, visit Rick's website at


Rick Foxx
Composer, Sound, Co-Producer  

Steve Gallant is a freelance composer born in Canada, raised in Bermuda and now living in the United Kingdom. He started serious composition through local amateur dramatic groups, writing incidental music for staged plays. After obtaining his Diploma in Media Music he found opportunities to write for independent filmmakers. As a fan of the entire Star Trek franchise since a youngster, he was pleased to be given opportunities to compose for fan films, including the various web series produced by Project: Potemkin.

Steve composed original music for the Potemkin episodes "The Old Guys," "The Void," “The Night the Stars Fell From the Sky,”  “Beach Towel,” and “The Child”. He has committed to scoring all the music for the two new series Starship Triton and Hospital Ship Marie. Steve also does some post-production work in Sound and SFX (Sound Effects) when time allows.

For more information, visit his website:



Steve Gallant
Executive Producer, Creator, Writer  
Randy Landers has been a fan of Star Trek since the early 1970's. He began writing for fanzines in the mid-70's, and in 1979, published his first fanzine, Stardate. To date, Randy has published over 40,000 copies of 300+ zines. These zines have been read by more than 5000 fans over 30 years. Contributors to these zines have included well known science fiction writers (and more than a few Star Trek pro-novelists). Orion Press has attended more than 100 Star Trek conventions, and even helped run a few. Orion Press continues to produce 2-4 zines each year.

A long-time fan of Star Trek fan films, Randy made the decision in December 2009 to step into producing fan films of his own, featuring a new ship, a new crew, and having science fiction as the basis for its episodes while concentrating on character studies (humorous and serious) in vignettes (short films).



Randall Landers
Musician, Composer  
Co-Founder of Tony has a variety of talents ranging from music and acting to production and writing. He loves Star Trek and sci-fi in general. Apparently he's a bit partial to Klingon take-away food on a Friday night.

Tony composed the music for "Care for a Lift?" and will be composing for "Doctor's Orders" as well.



Tony Lunn



Visual Effects Artist  
Jon Carling is a Visual Effects (VFX) technician from Southampton, England, currently living in Luton. Graduating in 2008 from the University of Bradford with a BSc in Computer Animation and Special Effects, he has worked on many fan-produced sci-fi productions, including Star Wars: The Emperor's New Clones, Star Trek: Intrepid and Star Trek: Phase II He can quote nearly the entirety of the BBC radio series 'The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy' off by heart.


Jon Carling
Director, Production Manager  
Born in 27 February 1990 and raised in Albany, Georgia, J.T. Ealum is a Graduate of Darton College with an Associates of Theatre. He started making short films when he eighteen with his best friend Eric Moore. He has always been a Theatre guru from a young age, but when starting his degree in Theatre, he began to discover other talents based in technical design and direction. Currently, J.T. is at Full Sail University Film School and will graduate in August of 2012.


J. T. Ealum
Script Editor, Writer. Guest Star  
Born 28 January 1964, Dave discovered Star Trek and Edgar Rice Burroughs and The Six Million Dollar Man and Adam West's Batman and Logan's Run and Ray Bradbury and Harlan Ellison and Robert A. Heinlein and girls as a young kid/teenager, and his life has never been the same.

As a writer, he's pitched to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and has written ten feature length screenplays -- he's had a couple place high in national competitions. Currently resides in the great state of Ohio with his lady Annie.



David Eversole
Director of Photography, Cast Member  
Jeffrey Green is the Chair of the Dramatic Arts Department and Artistic Director of Rylander Theater Partnership Productions. He serves as a faculty advisor and producer for Hurricane Watch, GSW-TV16 student television productions. He also is the immediate Past President of the Georgia Theater Conference, Vice Chair of Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region IV, and Chair of the Film and Television Committee for the Southeastern Theatre Conference.

A member of Actors Equity Association since 1985, he has performed in the companies of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, the Cleveland Play House, and the Riverside Shakespeare Co. in New York. His work as an actor has received positive reviews in the New York Post, the New York Tribune, the Village Voice, Back Stage Magazine and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

He was a co-founder of the Manhattan based repertory company, Actor’s Classical Troupe. Prior to his move to Georgia, he was the Director of Theatre at the University of Nebraska at Kearney and the Artistic Director of the Great Platte River Playwright’s Festival.

Although behind the camera in "The Old Guys," Jeff makes his screen debut for Project: Potemkin in "The Void."



Jeff Green
Creative Consultant, Story Consultant  
A native of Topeka, Kansas, Carolyn Kaberline reluctantly became involved in the world of science fiction and Star Trek in the mid-1970s when she was assigned to teach a high school science fiction class. However, once she found the relevance of both the television show and the genre to the real world, she became totally hooked and now lists those as her reading and viewing preferences. Kaberline earned a Bachelor of Arts in Technical Journalism from Kansas State University and a Master of Arts in Education from Baker University. She currently is a full-time high school English and Journalism teacher who has also been a freelance writer since 2006. Her articles have appeared in local, regional and national publications.


Carolyn Kaberline
Casting Consultant, Makeup Artist  
Deborah Liss-Green is Instructor of Theatre at Darton College and has taught theatre and English for the past twenty years at various high schools and colleges in Georgia, Nebraska, and New York. She currently serves as the Secretary to the Board of Directors of the Georgia Theatre Conference. Her most recent directing credits include Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and Goldoni's The Servant of Two Masters.


Deborah Liss-Green






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